Omar El Hariri a Smuggler?!

Published September 18th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The great Egyptian actor, Omar El Hariri is currently filming his latest series, Al Birinseesa (The Princess), which sheds light on the Egyptian Archeology Mafia. 

The issue is as real as the presence of the pyramids in Egypt. Various businessmen have found it a great enterprise to steal the archeological ruins of some ancient Egyptian city to sell to an interested Arab or foreigner. 

According to ‘Al Jumhuria’ newspaper, the series commenced its first day of shooting on Saturday. 

In detail, The Princess depicts the story of an evil member of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (Hariri), who is also a businessman that has found great gain in smuggling antiquities to the foreign world. 

Meanwhile, another member of the People’s Assembly (Saed Ardash) is good, and prides himself on a great sense of patriotism. Ardash finds himself having to fight off the evil ways of the greedy smuggler. 

A special twist is inserted by actress Ula Rami, who plays the daughter of a murdered police officer. 

Her father was killed in action while trying to catch one of the smugglers. 

Ula then joins the police force with the intention of avenging the killing of her father. 

Aside from Ula, Rami and Hariri, the cast includes Mohammad Wafiq, Raja’a Hussein, Mimi Jamal, Kawthar Al Asal, Hadi Al Jiyar, Ramez Jalal and Hala Sheeha – 

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