Orange Jordan launches its youth-centered “Stars” program

Orange Jordan launches its youth-centered “Stars” program
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Published December 5th, 2010 - 16:05 GMT

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Orange Jordan launched today Stars – a program targeting the company's youth subscribers, particularly those with prepaid lines, with a host of special offers and discounts provided by a number of the company's affiliates, in addition to offering subscribers the opportunity to win a variety of valuable prizes and to attend various exclusive events.

The program, which entails no subscription fees, is organized in collaboration with Mobilera Middle East – an international company with an extensive track record in developing similar programs, represented by its CEO Samer Murad.

The special offers and discounts provided through Orange Stars come from a substantial number of the company's network of commercial affiliates, which spans restaurants, apparel stores, cafes travel agencies, entertainment venues, and others. Key participants in the program include McDonald's, Tche Tche, Glora Jeans, Levi's, Toni & Guy and JET, in addition to various other brands and hot spots that are popular amongst the youth demographic. The program will open countless doors for subscribers, allowing them to delight in new experiences and enjoy a myriad of exclusive benefits.

The program was officially launched during a press conference that was held by the company yesterday and headed by CEO Nayla Khawam, with the attendance of several members of the company's higher management and the local media.

"Our new offering to the youth segment arrives in a slightly different package this time, as we sought to add a more exciting dimension to our relationship with our younger subscribers," commented Khawam. "Today, we bring them an exclusive opportunity to benefit from a host of attractive offers from a variety of restaurants, gyms, cafes and other venues within the scope of their interests. The prime objective of this offer is to associate the Orange brand with fun, life and trendiness."

Khawam explained that the Orange Stars program comes to reflect the company's commitment to deliver a service lineup that caters to all segments of the Jordanian community, adding that the youth segment is one of the company's top priorities.

Orange Jordan's Marketing Manager Wasfi Safadi said: "The benefits garnered through the Orange Stars program are offered free-of-charge and with no monthly fees whatsoever. Additionally, Orange Jordan's prepaid subscribers will receive a complementary 30MB internet package upon joining the program, and will also be entered into a series of raffle draws to win laptops, BlackBerry handsets or shopping vouchers presented by our affiliates." He further explained that these offers and discounts are merely part of the initial stage of the program, which will be followed by more exciting offers that cater to the changing needs and interests of the youth segment. 

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