Organisational health check is must as GCC growth outperforms global predictions, say experts at recent seminar held in Qatar

Published July 19th, 2010 - 10:20 GMT

Aryan Business Consulting, along with US based In-Sight Solutions Group Inc, presented a seminar focusing on Organizational Assessment and Development (a systems approach to improving business performance) aimed at Qatar based local and international companies. The event held on June 23rd was organized by SpotNow Conceptual Communications at the Diplomatic Club in Doha, Qatar.

The seminar was attended by corporate executives in the business sector looking for innovative ways to improve organizational efficiency and operational structure. Ron Ribeiro, Chief Executive Officer and Prime Strategist of Aryan Business Consulting and Robert J. Etten, the President and Founder of In-Sight Solutions Group, both presented at the seminar. The speakers discussed within the background of issues and challenges inherent in the current economic climate a systems approach to improving business performance and ways of assessing an organization's effectiveness. A major component of business development is implementing a strategic plan to improve the effectiveness of a company, to isolate and measure key performance indicators, and achieve objectives that improves services for customers.

As the half year draws to a close it is time for businesses to conduct an engine check, according to Ron Ribeiro, Chief Executive Officer, Aryan Business Consulting. He said that although the nuances of the unprecedented economic cycle continue, businesses are now able to operate with a much greater degree of knowing than one year ago.

He also said that the region is set for growth. "The GCC is an extremely important market to be in right now. Recent reports from the World Bank indicate 4.4% growth in 2010, with 4.9% expected next year. This beats expectations and proves a resilient market. However, it also suggests that competition will be stiff. A lean and effective business structure can be the make or break in times like this," he added.

Aryan's CEO, Ron Ribeiro said, "Our bespoke 'Organizational Assessment and Development' seminars held around the GCC for specific clients were very successful and well received by participants. Through our presentations and services, Aryan seeks to equip our local and international clientele with the necessary resources and tools to create a working culture which elevates organizational development in line with best practice to a new industry standard."

Aryan Business Consulting based in Dubai has over three decades of experience within the Middle East, and has structured deals for some of the UAE's leading organizations in the media, finance and construction sectors. Aryan has partnered with In-Sight Solutions Group Inc., a company that has successfully executed multi-million dollar management projects across the private and public sector in the United States and beyond. Together the companies bring business experience and conceptual thinking to assist companies deliver enhanced business performance , and provide leading systems for business efficiency.

In-Sight Solutions' President and Founder Robert J. Etten commented, "The Middle East is extremely important and is undergoing dynamic transformation, and allows In-Sight the opportunity to share knowledge that will further the development of the SME business segment in Qatar. We hope the seminar offered new perspectives to challenge management and presented innovative organisational structures, work processes, and strategies."

Etten suggested that organisations are 'living organic systems' that must be deliberately designed and constantly nurtured if they are to achieve their full purpose.

"We deliver a systemic process that is region-focused and perfect for this time of shift. We assess where the organisation is right now, what it wants to achieve, and what it needs to do to make that happen. With our microscope-like process, this approach challenges management with new perspectives. We study the organisation structure, people, work flows, technologies and strategies," he said.

The seminar was attended by senior executives from various companies including leading executives from Mezza, Dyarco, and the IT, Oil and Gas, Consultancy, Construction, Insurance, and Banking Industry. Guests participated in the dynamic question and answer session that followed the presentation and allowed participants to speak about their own organizational structure, and the various systems and processes they are using to enhance their business. The Q&A session at the end of the seminar was interesting with discussions on employee assessment and how innovative training processes can produce the best possible results.

Managing director of SpotNow, Faysal Mikati, said "SpotNow is proud to have had the opportunity to co-host this seminar, and help share Aryan Business Consulting and In-Sight Solutions' unique perspectives and strategies that will help enhance Qatar's development. By organizing this seminar SpotNow will help expose participants to frameworks, concepts, and practices that can be utilized across industry sectors." 

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