Over 70 Saudis killed in Yemen clashes; Al Qaeda vows revenge over raid

Published December 22nd, 2009 - 03:24 GMT

A total of 73 Saudis have been killed and 26 are missing since fighting broke out last month between Saudi troops and Yemeni rebels, a Saudi official told reporters on Tuesday. "The confrontation on the southern border" has resulted in "73 martyrs and 26 missing," said Saudi Deputy Defence Minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan, according to AFP.


Meanwhile, men claiming to be Al-Qaeda members have vowed to avenge those killed in a Yemeni air strike on one of its training camps in southern Yemen, Al-Jazeera television reported on Tuesday. In a short video aired by the Qatar-based satellite channel, a man holding a microphone and flanked by two armed men addressed a crowd gathered in the Abyan province to mourn those killed in Thursday's air raid. "We carry prayer beads and with them we carry a bomb for the enemies of God," the man stated. Al-Jazeera identified them as "armed men claiming to be from Al-Qaeda" and said they had also vowed revenge for the victims of the air raid.



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