Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large, Journalist and TV Presenter Javed Malik Meets with Khalaf Al Habtoor

Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large, Journalist and TV Presenter Javed Malik Meets with Khalaf Al Habtoor
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Published November 11th, 2010 - 07:20 GMT

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Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large and noted television journalist, Javed Malik, called on Khalaf Al Habtoor, chairman of Al Habtoor Group, at the group’s head quarters in Al Wasel Road. This was Mr Malik’s first visit to Al Habtoor Group’s new offices despite meeting with Mr Al Habtoor several times over the years. The two gentlemen have a friend in common Lord Ahmed of Rotherham, member of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom. Lord Ahmed recently presented Mr Al Habtoor with his most recent accolade, the ‘Outstanding Business Leadership Award during the World High Tech Forum held at the Science Museum in London last October 2010. “Lord Ahmed is the first Muslim in the House of Lords and certainly the most vocal, for which he is mostly admired”, announced Mr Malik. Khalaf Al Habtoor inquired about the situation in Pakistan after the recent floods; Mr Malik shed light on the efforts the Pakistani government is making to deal with the crisis. Mr Malik, also a corporate lawyer in addition to having business interests in London, Dubai and Pakistan, applauded his country’s government: “Our government is faced daily with many challenges, but thrives in fighting the continuous war against terrorism and tackling the energy crisis” Mr Malik, appointed in 2009 to the top diplomatic position of as Pakistan’s Ambassador at Large, mainly talked to Mr Al Habtoor about Shahbaz Sharif’s upcoming visit to Dubai. Mr Sharif is the president of the Pakistan Muslim League as well as the incumbent Chief Minister of Punjab, Pakistan’s largest state and most populous province since 2008, and brother of Nawaz Sharif, former Prime Minister of Pakistan. Mr Sharif will come to Dubai in December with a large delegation to attend a conference held in the Chamber of Commerce in Dubai and requested the opportunity to meet with Mr Al Habtoor during the time, an initiative welcomed by the chairman of Al Habtoor Group. Mr Al Habtoor and Mr Malik parted with the promise of meeting in Mr Al Habtoor’s Majlis over a traditional Emirati banquet.

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