Is the Palestinian Authority in danger of collapse?

Published November 22nd, 2022 - 11:04 GMT
Palestinian flags
Palestinians lift national flags as they march past buildings destroyed by Israeli air strikes in Gaza City on June 15, 2021, (AFP)

ALBAWABA - The Israelis are saying the Palestinian Authority is on the verge of collapse. This maybe old news for Israeli newspapers have always let out these kind of fielders, suggesting the "Palestinian government" in Ramallah is on the verge of imminent collapse. 

But why should the Israeli government, or more precisely incumbent Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has just won his country's elections and is already busy picking an extremist and racist ministers as part of his team, should be entertaining such kind of talk so early in the game of politics?

Apparently however, many Israelis are worried about the fact and are telling the prime minister-elect to to take care and watch out for an imminent Palestinian Authority collapse. Today, this is across the board in Israel, it is the talk of town. Why should the extremists worry is beyond anyone's imagination. 

The first to kick off is the Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar. He warned of the danger of an imminent collapse of the Palestinian Authority in the areas it which it rules and he expressed these views to Netanyahu in an extended meeting recently.

He told the rightwing politician, and who is known for his anti-peace stances, that the situation in the West Bank is rapidly deteriorating and that include the rising in popularity of groups like the Lions' Den which could pose as an alternative to the Palestinian Authority and possibly takeover. 

This issue is worrying Israelis so much that many are talking about it and of its consequences. A collapse of the Palestinian Authority, even if that is realistic, and it might be blown out of all proportions could be disastrous for Israel with much implications for their security and their governance of an occupied Palestinian population. Can Israel rule the Palestinians? Would they want to do it directly and aren't they doing it already?

As well, the Palestinian Authority are probably regarding such talks as hogwash, stating they are not going anywhere. The incoming Israeli administration will likely be full of extremists and have their ultraistic, nationalistic, rightwing agenda and Netanyahu will unlikely talk to Palestinian politicians unlike the outgoing Israeli government who had a more lax approach. 

Nevertheless, President Mahmood Abbas has a different take on the whole affair but the 86-year-old is being blamed just the same.


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