Palestinians Reject Clinton\'s Plan for Ending Conflict with Israel

Published January 8th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

Senior Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qorei said on Monday that the Palestinian Authority rejected US President Bill Clinton's ideas as a basis for ending the conflict with Israel, according to Haaretz newspaper.  

"We can't accept Clinton's ideas as a basis for future negotiations or a future settlement. Clinton didn't take (Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser) Arafat's reservations into account and these ideas don't offer our people their legitimate rights," he said.  

On Sunday, Clinton outlined his plan for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal in public for the first time, and said he would send his special Middle East envoy Dennis Ross to the region, said AFP.  

"The parameters I put forward contemplate a settlement that responds to each side's essential needs, if not their utmost desires: a settlement based on sovereign homelands, security, peace and dignity for both Israelis and Palestinians," Clinton said in an address to the Israeli Policy Forum in New York. 

Clinton also called for the establishment of "a sovereign and viable Palestinian state," which would also take into account "demographic realities and Israel security requirements."  

On the contentious issue of which side would have control over Jerusalem, the US president asserted that "Jerusalem must be an open and undivided city ... with assured freedom of access and worship for all." 

According to AFP, Clinton also confirmed reports that he has dispatched special envoy Dennis Ross to the region.  

US officials announced earlier Sunday that Ross would meet with both Israeli and Palestinian representatives, in what is likely to be his last visit to the region as Clinton's envoy. 

Ross will leave for the Middle East "in the next few days," one US official told the agency -- (Several Sources) 



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