The Lebanese connection: CIA and FBI brought to brink by one woman’s charms

Published November 13th, 2012 - 12:23 GMT
Lebanese-American bombshell, Jill Kelley
Lebanese-American bombshell, Jill Kelley

Civilian casualties in Iraq and a failed offensive in Afghanistan did nothing to dent his reputation, but the emails of his mistress have forced the resignation of CIA director, David Petraeus

Ironically for the superpower’s intelligence services, the woman behind the crisis is none other than an Arab ‘social liaison’ with a penchant for parties and the charm to flaw American men. 

According to U.S. news sources, Jill Kelley, (née Jill Khawam) a Lebanese Maronite whose family moved to Philadelphia in the 1970s, was allegedly approached by Petraeus’s lover, Paula Broadwell, telling her to stay away from her man. Although the General insists his relationship with Kelley was only ever platonic, his mistress clearly felt her Levantine sex appeal was too much to handle.

The emails became public and Petraeus was forced to resign from his post as CIA director on Friday. On Tuesday the scandal widened to the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, General John R. Allen. Apparently, this second official had less success resisting the Lebanese lady’s charms and was caught with a slew of “inappropriate communications”.

Following an FBI investigation, up to 30,000 email exchanges were found between the pair during 2010 and 2012, working out at around 30 emails a day. But Kelley’s affect on the official male population didn’t stop there: the hapless FBI agent sent to investigate the emails was found sending shirtless pictures of himself to the 37-year-old Lebanese bombshell.

Meanwhile, the revelations that married man, Petraeus, had a mistress at all, despite keeping away from Jill Kelley, have rocked the CIA. Sensitive emails, allegedly containing “secret” information, were found on Paula Broadwell’s computer and Barack Obama has been left to find a replacement with a less wandering eye.

Kelley may have left her Lebanese roots behind in the motherland, but you certainly can't take the Lebanese socialite out of her. The hostess of lawn parties attended by the Petraeuses is married to a cancer surgeon and has their three daughters and a $1.2 million mansion. 

The lady of sudden global interest is facing down the revelations by allegedly hiring the same ‘Crisis Manager’ as infamous presidential mistress, Monica Lewinsky. She is rumored to be in seriously financial trouble already with a number of lawsuits pending against her. Sadly, her charm and good looks are unlikely to see her through a mess stretching all the way from one end of the U.S. intelligence services to the other. 


Should officials be forced to resign because of extramarital affairs or should we be more concerned with their job performance? Tell us what you think below. 

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