"Pharmacy-1" Deploys QPR Solutions in Partnership with SCOPI

"Pharmacy-1" Deploys QPR Solutions in Partnership with SCOPI
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Published November 21st, 2010 - 09:37 GMT

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The Strategic Center for Organizational Performance Improvement ("SCOPI") signed a strategic agreement with Pharmacy-1. Under the terms of the agreement SCOPI will deploy the international QPR Software Solutions which specialize in strategy, performance, process, quality, and risk management.

The agreement, which will support Pharmacy-1's operations' efficiency and ensure continuous development of their services across their branches in the Kingdom, was signed by Pharmacy-1 Deputy CEO and Chief Operations Officer Dr. Yousef Fanous and SCOPI CEO Mr. Nidal Bitar.

Mr. Firas Abu Alragheb, Vice Chairman of SCOPI, heralded the partnership with Pharmacy-1 as one of SCOPI's most important achievements to date; highlighting Pharmacy-1's pioneering role in the provision of comprehensive pharmaceutical services in Jordan as well as being one of the most important business-based success stories in the region.

Pharmacy-1 Chief Executive Officer Dr. Amjad Aryan voiced his strong support of this agreement which would bring benefits to the entire Pharmacy-1 Group saying, "QPR's international systems and applications combined with SCOPI's consulting expertise in the areas of strategic planning, balanced scorecard, performance management, process management and organizational excellence will play a key role in increasing Pharmancy-1's efficiency, competency, and performance."

Dr. Amani Abu Hilal, Chief Strategy Officer at Pharmacy-1 confirmed that the group has been always keen on adopting new technologies. Stating that after several intensive studies, they are glad that Pharmacy-1 became the first pharmacy chain in the region to deploy QPR systems as a major tool during their organizational excellence journey.

SCOPI Chief Business Excellence Officer, Eng. Milad Farajallah stated that QPR technologies will serve the chain by monitoring all their branches and developing an administrative and technical operations matrix which includes applying system components – QPR ScoreCard and QPR Processes Guide- and linking them to the general strategy of the Pharmacy-1 chain.

SCOPI is the certified partner of QPR Software Plc. - which is headquartered in Helsinki- Finland - in Jordan and the MENA Region. SCOPI is committed to providing its customers in both the public and private sectors with the best international practices through state of the art technology. More than one thousand and five hundred establishments around the world have deployed QRP systems including Nokia, Pfizer Inc, World Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Emirates Post, Dublin City, and Dubai Islamic Bank. 

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