Pig-Organ Transplants 'Raise Religious Issues'

Published May 13th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The prospect of organs from cloned pigs being transplanted into humans within the next 10 years has aroused controversy among Islamic scholars, the Gulf News reported Saturday.  

Misbahulhuda Siddiqui, an officer at the Islamic Culture Center in Abu Dhabi, dismissed the idea of transplanted animal organs as "totally unacceptable".  

He was quoted by the daily as saying that God created man as "Ahsunal Taqweem" (in the best possible form), declaring him the finest of all His creations. "It's wicked to transplant any organ from an inferior origin." Islam has declared the pig an impure animal and the transplant of its organs to humans is "totally unacceptable," he added.  

But a Sudanese Muslim scholar in Abu Dhabi, Dr Abdulmonim Bellah, expressed a different view, said the daily. 

He was quoted as saying that although Islam has forbidden eating pork, but nevertheless pig organs can be transplanted into humans.  

Bellah said that Islam has given limited permission for organ transplants from humans to humans.  

"It is allowed, provided the donor is living and no trade is involved", Bella was quoted as saying.  

According to the daily, recent studies have indicated that advances in cloning techniques coupled with the ability to stop organ rejection have placed pig organ transplants within the reach of surgeons.  

The first pig-to-human transplants were likely to be in pancreatic islet cells, which produce insulin, and this may be followed by heart and kidney transplants, which have already been performed in baboons, the daily added - Albawaba.com 


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