Popular Reformist MP First in Balloting for Iran Doctors' Group

Published November 25th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Popular Iranian pro-reform MP Ali-Reza Nuri has been elected to the administrative board of Iran's politically influential College of Physicians, the Kayhan newspaper reported Saturday. 

Nuri, whose brother Abdollah is a journalist and former interior minister serving a five-year prison sentence for spreading anti-Islamic propaganda, came in first in Friday's balloting, the paper said. 

A heart specialist by training, Nuri made his first foray into politics when he ran for parliament in February's elections after his brother was banned from standing. 

He was at the head of a list of candidates for the administrative council put forward by reformist supporters of President Mohammad Khatami, who has the power to name the council president. 

The official final results of the balloting are due to be released by Sunday, according to medical sources. 

They said the outgoing president of the administrative board, conservative Shahabeddin Sadr, had also been re-elected but with weak electoral support that will make his renomination as chief unlikely. 

Some 110,000 doctors and pharmacists are accredited members of the College, which in 1997 backed Khatami's conservative opponent for the presidency, Ali-Akbar Nateq-Nuri -- TEHRAN (AFP)  



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