Producers of Obsession Mark the Anniversary of Mumbai Attack with Free Stream of

Published December 1st, 2009 - 11:10 GMT

The producers of Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West are making the award-winning documentary available for
free online viewing to mark the anniversary of the deadly Mumbai terror attacks.

The free online stream is available for a limited time at:

The Mumbai terror attacks took the lives of 173 and injured more than 300 on
November 26-29, 2008.

"The brutal attacks in Mumbai were yet another instance of innocent individuals
murdered at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists," stated Raphael Shore, producer
of Obsession.  "It is important to recognize that these incidents are not isolated.
Rather, each attack is merely a new front in a global jihad being carried out by
dangerous extremists that seek to destroy western freedoms and democracy."

"Our hearts go out to the loved ones of the Mumbai victims.  It is important for
individuals around the world to truly pause and consider the losses suffered in
Mumbai, and understand the heinous motivations behind such vicious attacks," Shore

The free stream of Obsession is part of a grassroots initiative to mark the
anniversary of the attacks and educate the public about the threats that radical
Islam pose to the world at large and the United States in particular. Concerned
citizens will have the opportunity to watch the film throughout the week, and learn
more about a growing radical movement targeting western liberties and ideals.

Over 30 million have seen the groundbreaking film, a powerful and controversial
educational tool that media pundits have coined a "must-see."  Obsession was the
winner of the best feature film award at the Liberty Film Festival.

Over 10,000 Americans have seen the film online in the past two days.

Bloggers and website owners are invited to host the free stream on their blogs or
websites.  To embed the stream visit:

Experts on the spread of global jihad and radical Islam in America are available for

OBSESSION: Radical Islam's War Against the West documents the call for world
domination and global jihad made by Islamic leaders on a daily basis. The film
features exclusive footage from Arabic TV, as well as interviews with former
terrorists, and experts including Alan Dershowitz, Steve Emerson and Caroline Glick.
 The film outlines parallels between Chamberlain's strategy of appeasing Hitler
prior to WWII, with the West's current attitude of appeasing Iran and radical

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