Qatar Hold Its First Popular Elections

Published October 3rd, 2021 - 08:08 GMT
Counting the Votes in Doha
Qatari election officials count ballots at a polling station in the capital Doha, on October 2, 2021, after the polls closed on the country's first ever legislative vote. (Karim Jaafar/AFP)

AL BAWABA – Qatar has held its first election recently to elect its first “legislative body”, dubbed as the Shura Council which is a consultative body rather than a fully-fledged parliament.

This is the first unicameral political structure to sit in the Emirate. It’s a 45-member body, 15 of which will be appointed to assembly by the Ruler of Qatar Sheikh Tamim Ben Hamad Al Thani.  

The polls have been vibrant with 294 standing for elections according to the Turkish-based website TRT World. The elections, held Saturday morning saw a large influx of voters; it began at 8 am in the morning and went up till 6 pm according to the Anadolu news agency with people flocking to the nationwide constituencies nationwide.

At least 26 women stood for the elections. Elham Fakhro, a senior Gulf Analyst at the International Crisis Group told TRT World this is an “extremely positive step that women are part of this process.”

The Qatari elections have been covered well by the local media in Qatar as well as regionally. This Shura Council is being seen as mainly an advisory body and can only recommend a no-confidence vote in the prime minister only if two-thirds of the deputies agree to that.

Only 300,000 of Qatar’s 2.9 million population whose majority are migrant workers are allowed to vote. 

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