Report: UAE, Israel engaged in anti-Qatar news campaign

Published September 27th, 2014 - 07:24 GMT

An extensive lobbying campaign by Israeli and UAE officials seeking to “demonize the Qataris as the key supporter of terrorism” by “paying millions of dollars to a US lobbying firm – composed of former high-ranking [US] Treasury officials from both [US political] parties – to plant anti-Qatar stories with American journalists,” an investigative report by The Intercept, an independent online news site, revealed on Thursday.

The report, authored by prominent investigative American journalist Glenn Greenwald, noted that both Israel and the UAE hired an American consulting firm called Camstoll Group in order to promote Qatar as the major supporter of terrorism worldwide, one that is “more than other US allies in the region.”

According to The Intercept's report, Camstoll Group, which was formed in November 2012, and includes “key figures [who] are all former senior Treasury Department officials in both the Bush and Obama administrations whose responsibilities included managing the US government's relationships with Persian Gulf regimes and Israel, as well as managing policies relating to funding of designated terrorist groups.”

It added, “[Camstoll] spent enormous of amounts of time cajoling friendly reporters to plant anti-Qatar stories, and they largely succeeded.”

The report highlighted writers from major American news establishments like “the Daily Beast‘s Eli Lake,Free Beacon‘s Alana Goodman, Iran-contra convict Elliott Abrams, The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin, and American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Rubin” as well as “CNN’s Erin Burnett, Reuters’ Mark Hosenball, and The Washington Post‘s Joby Warrick.”

The report concluded by saying that “the bizarre neocon/Israel/Gulf-dictator coalition [are] now driving not only US policy but, increasingly, US discourse as well.”

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