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Qatar not optimistic about restoring relations with Syria

Published March 29th, 2023 - 11:25 GMT
Qatar not optimistic about restoring relations with Syria
Ansari stressed the "steadiness of the Qatari position" in this matter

ALBAWABA - Qatar said that there is no reason for optimism, in the time being, regarding the restoration of relations with Syria and its return to the Arab League.

It stipulated the existence of real developments inside Syria in a way that satisfies the aspirations of the Syrian people, or that there be an Arab consensus on these positive developments inside Syria.

“At the present time, there is no reason for optimism about the proximity of normalization with the Syrian regime and its return to the Arab League,” said Majed Ansari, spokesperson of Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ansari stressed the "steadiness of the Qatari position" in this matter. However, he also said that the State of Qatar deals with the Syrian issue as one of the priorities of Arab issues.

According to the spokesperson, finding a real solution to the Syrian crisis would be based on a real response to popular demands, and that there should be no "betrayal of bloodshed" to achieve these aspirations.

Since the onset of the Syrian war, the Gulf states have announced the cessation of relations with Syria. 

But, after the devastating earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria on Feb.6 and claimed the lives of thousands in Syria and led to the collapse of buildings and the displacement of citizens, official visits have been made to Damascus in order to gradually restore relations with it.

Recently, Saudi Arabia opened the door to a possible dialogue with Syria, especially on humanitarian issues, while the United Arab Emirates is leading Middle Eastern efforts to revive relations with Damascus.

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