Quartz Business Media opt for a DIY onsite registration solution

Published November 22nd, 2009 - 03:10 GMT
As event organisers fight to maintain profitability levels, budgets and supplier costs are a priority to achieving
financial success.
On any budget event registration and onsite costs are one of the highest capital outlays. As a result, any
solution that minimises these costs is welcome. WRS (Worldwide Registration Systems) Ltd have launched a
new product to do just that.
‘regibox’ provides event organisers with an ultra simple low cost in-house solution for onsite event
registration & badging for conferences and smaller exhibitions. “Many organisers would like an in-house
solution to onsite registrations but find problems with sourcing the software, the hardware and consumables
necessary to make it a reality”, said Julian Temple, Managing Director of WRS Ltd. “‘regibox’ solves these
problems. It is a cost effective and hugely flexible solution, allowing organisers to choose which elements
they need to buy or rent from ‘regibox’ including: online registration sites; data-cleaning; onsite badging
application; onsite computer & printer hardware; badge stock; badge holders; post event data processing
and reporting”.
“It is far more cost effective for conferences and smaller exhibitions than engaging a full service registration
company”, Temple continued. “We originally developed ‘regibox’ in response to a need from several clients
running conferences or exhibitions of around 1,500 attendees where they wanted registration services but
the size of the event did not warrant the cost associated with outsourcing. ‘regibox’ gives the organiser a
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simple, effective and professional registration solution they can implement themselves. Quartz Business
Media have already opted to use the ‘regibox’ on a number of their events next year”.
‘regibox’ is unique in that it provides a true onsite registration capability for organisers. Organisers have the
option of renting / buying our hardware or running ‘regibox’ on their own or our equipment. Key to the
‘regibox’ onsite solution is the badge producing software application which runs on PC, Mac and Linux
operating systems.
“The ‘regibox’ application is simplicity itself and designed to enable installation and operation by non
technical personnel. In terms of data security, the organiser need only upload the information required for
their badges”. Temple commented. “With organisers demanding ever lower prices for registration and
increasingly taking previously outsourced functions in-house, ‘regibox’ meets all their requirements in terms
of price, functionality and flexibility.”

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