RAK Ceramics awarded certification by National Association of Testing Authorities – Australia

RAK Ceramics awarded certification by National Association of Testing Authorities – Australia
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Published October 25th, 2010 - 09:16 GMT

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RAK Ceramics
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RAK Ceramics, the world's largest ceramic tiles & sanitaryware manufacturing company, has announced that the National Association of Testing Authorities - Australia (NATA) has awarded an accreditation in the field of mechanical testing to the 'RAK Ceramics Sanitaryware Testing Laboratory'. The accreditation is granted for the laboratory's compliance with the NATA accreditation requirements that include ISO/IEC 17025 and further demonstrates the technical competence of 'RAK Ceramics Sanitaryware Testing Laboratory' to perform specific tests and operate in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. The certificate was officially presented to Dr. Khater Massaad, CEO of RAK Ceramics, recently.

Commenting on the accreditation, Dr. Khater Massaad said, "The NATA certification is a mandatory prerequisite that companies need to meet prior to offering its sanitaryware products in Australia, which RAK Ceramics regards as a high potential market. This accreditation officially confirms that the quality of our products and our testing methods fully meet Australian standards, especially with regard to water conservation, thus reinforcing our long standing commitment to the highest levels of quality and efficiency. This certification also reaffirms and strengthens RAK Ceramics' brand image in the Australian market where we look to consolidate our presence."

The NATA accreditation also confirms that RAK Ceramics' sanitaryware is equipped with a system to reduce flush water usage, which in turn helps in environmental conservation and adheres to the requirements of Australia's Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme.

Earlier this year, KLUDI RAK, a joint venture between RAK Ceramics and German manufacturer KLUDI, launched water-saving faucets to complement water conservation efforts in the Middle East region. A key component of KLUDI RAK's water-saving system is the Pressure Compensating Aerator, which ensures constant flow of water even in cases when water pressure is increased or fluctuates. KLUDI RAK has also developed a new Flow Regulator, which maintains a defined flow rate regardless of pressure variation of the supply line.

NATA is the authority responsible for the accreditation of laboratories, inspection bodies, calibration services, producers of certified reference materials and proficiency testing scheme providers throughout Australia. Established in 1947, NATA is the world's first comprehensive laboratory accreditation body, and is still one of the largest. More than 3000 facilities in Australia and around 50 other economies are NATA members.

RAK Ceramics is a USD 1 billion global conglomerate in the ceramic industry that exports its products to over 150 countries, targeting architects, project developers and retail customers. RAK Ceramics has also been recently conferred the SuperBrand 2010 Award and continues to be a global pioneer in the world of ceramics. RAK Ceramics is also founding member of Emirates Green Building Council, which supports the development of sustainable buildings in UAE. 

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