Redknee Solutions Inc. - Zain Kuwait Launches New Mobile Broadband Services With Redknee

Redknee Solutions Inc. - Zain Kuwait Launches New Mobile Broadband Services With Redknee
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Published August 31st, 2010 - 14:26 GMT

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Redknee (TSX:RKN), a leading provider of business-critical billing and charging software and solutions for communications service providers, today announced that it is enabling Zain Kuwait's launch of mobile broadband services as the nation's largest mobile operator seeks to capture the growing broadband market in Kuwait. Leveraging Redknee's data rating, charging and policy platform, NGRC, Zain Kuwait is launching innovative mobile broadband services whilst effectively managing its broadband resources by tracking customer usage in real-time and delivering tiered pricing packages.

Zain Kuwait launched its e-GO eeZee services to appeal to the different needs of the market segments but with the convenience, cost control and peace of mind of having a prepaid account. Through Zain's 'e-GO eeZee Standard' and 'e-GO eeZee Super' offerings, Zain Kuwait's mobile broadband customers have the option to decide on the quality of service they prefer, depending on their surfing needs, and the flexibility to adjust their spending needs so that they can contain their expenses or simply recharge their tariff using Zain's eeZee recharge cards. Most importantly, the popular promotions are encouraging Kuwaitis to abandon their landline dial-up connections in favour of mobile broadband connectivity so that they can have Internet connectivity anywhere, anytime. According to Business Monitor International, while the total broadband penetration rate currently remains low at 3.4 per cent, in the past year the number of broadband subscribers grew by 20.5 per cent and it expects to see strong growth in the next few years.

Khalid Al Omar, Zain Kuwait's CEO, commented:

"Since the launch of our first 3G connectivity cards in 2006 our data services have gained in popularity with our youth, Arab expatriate and inbound roaming market segments. By launching new flexible, tiered pricing plans, we are able to bring the benefits of mobile broadband in a manner that is attractive to new markets segments, such as the cost-conscious and light-usage customers, as we continue to concentrate on driving data revenue."

Lucas Skoczkowski, Redknee's CEO, commented:

"Redknee continues to support the data growth for Zain by enabling the delivery of innovative data plans to help increase usage of high ARPU services and reduce the network complexity associated with service delivery models. This successful launch further reiterates the value of Redknee's real-time monetization solutions by driving profitability, growth and market differentiation for our customers. At Redknee, we continue to invest in real-time monetization solutions to support the growth of mobile data and content for wireless subscribers around the world."

Redknee's NGRC is a proven, real-time rating, charging, and policy management solution for mobile data services. It is based on patented technology and offers communications service providers the flexibility and scalability to launch new services and manage bandwidth, while creating new revenue streams based on diverse pricing options for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. NGRC enables operators to rate and charge for all their data services, including in-demand offerings such as mobile broadband and mobile TV, helping them to monetize these new services and drive ARPU growth. It gives service providers the flexibility to charge for these services in ways that work best for their subscribers, whether prepaid, postpaid, or a hybrid of both - and based on time or bandwidth consumed. Redknee NGRC offers service providers a flexible and scalable solution that seamlessly integrates into existing systems, maximizing the current network infrastructure and differentiating its services from the competition.

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