Releasing the National Forum Initiative to Develop Infrastructure and Services Workings

Published December 6th, 2010 - 03:19 GMT

Greater Amman municipality announced at the end of the first informational forum "toward modern secure ways" its intention to present all of its work papers and recommendation drafts offered by the participants on its website for one week.

This move would provide citizens with the possibility to make any suggestions or ideas concerning roads. These proposals will be followed up in order to have a final outcome that would reflect positively on the durability of roads.

Amman City Manager Engineer Ammar Al-Gharaibeh affirmed in the final session the importance of work papers presented at the forum which reflect how participants are prone to enhance the level of infrastructure services and to attain elements of traffic safety.

Furthermore, Engineer Al-Gharainbeh noted that Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) will go after all the notes and recommendations made by the participants in addition to the ones to be made in the foreseeable future by browsing this website .

The recommendation draft included the participants' adoption of releasing "The National Forum for Developing Infrastructure and Services" initiative seeking to activate and to increase the cooperation mechanism between the involved institutions as well as setting the binding legislation to have positive results.

Further more, they recommended having informational sessions with all the involved parties to discuss raised issues in a comprehensive way and to hold the forum sessions periodically to be up to date with the latest developments.

The participants stressed the need of coordination with the concerned parties to restrict the process of repaving services by professional companies. They further affirmed the significance of intensifying the cooperation with the private sector in conducting experiments and tests.

The participants talked about the problem of roads in Jordan and the need to negotiate the troubles and obstacles we face to provide secure traffic elements.

The second day of the forum comprised of two sessions to discuss the important issues presented by participants regarding public and private sectors which revolved around methods of controlling traffic, planning for transportation and presenting creative ideas in engineering contract fields in addition to applying modern technology in the mechanisms of constructing roads. 

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