Renault celebrates its new era in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Renault celebrates its new era in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
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Published October 18th, 2010 - 09:01 GMT

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Renault staged a unique art exhibition from the Renault Art Collection, showcasing paintings from the period of the 1960s-1980s, with an accompanying Chopin recital at the French Residence, Riyadh on October 23 A UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE EVENT TO BE SEEN Renault is a company that is incredibly aware of the societies around it, and it takes great care to interact with societies in other ways than simply on an automotive level. One of these ways is the art world. Renault takes pride in its history of cooperation with the art world. As a brand, it has helped to sustain and promote artists and their creations, as well as helping to position French culture in the public eye. By being proactive in the art world, Renault sees this as an ideal way of expressing its French values and origins worldwide. Renault has fostered relationships with contemporary artists over the last 20 years, leading to the organization of a unique art exhibition from the extensive Renault Art Collection, accompanied by a Chopin recital to be held at the French Residence in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The exhibition will be held on Saturday 23 October at 18.00 at the Art Pur Foundation on Takhassoussi Road in Riyadh. Attending the event will be Mr Katsumi Nakamura, Executive Vice President of Renault, and head of the Asia-Africa region; His Excellency the French Ambassador, Bertrand Besancenot; and Madame Ann Hindry-Royer, Art Curator of the Renault Art Collection. The exhibition will demonstrate, for the first time in Saudi Arabia, the richness of western creativity during a pivotal period in painting. Exhibiting the main abstract tendencies in western art during the 1960s – 1980s period, the event will showcase a wide selection of almost 40 paintings from artists such as Victor Vasarely, Henri Michaux, Julio Le Parc, Juan Miro, Roberto Matta, Dominique Thiolat, and Pierre Alechinsky. Maxence Pilchen will perform a recital of Chopin at the French Residence in the Diplomatic Quarter as accompaniment to the exhibition. A NEW ERA FOR RENAULT IN KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA Renault considers the Kingdom or Saudi Arabia to be the key market in its GCC expansion. Therefore the brand has decided to offer the most relevant and tailored line-up to reach market expectations. Top quality products desired by Saudi customers along with a high level of sales and after sales services have been introduced to the Kingdom and significant investment has been made to demonstrate the company’s dedication to serving the Saudi market. An integral partner in implementing Renault’s ambition in KSA is Gulf Advantage Automobiles (GAA). GAA are a new partner for Renault, but it is a vastly experienced company, and is a crucial commercial partner in delivering the products and services required in KSA. The link up has already seen three new showrooms open in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam in July, while five additional dealerships will be opened by the end of 2010. After three months of operation since the partnership began, Renault has already sold more than 500 units. The Renault line-up in Saudi has been completely renewed, with a portfolio of three key models: Renault Logan, an affordable sedan; Renault Fluence, an all new medium size sedan; and Renault Safrane, the perfect sedan to travel in high class comfort on Saudi Arabia’s roads. Renault’s slogan, Drive the Change, symbolizes the new philosophy of the brand worldwide. In KSA, the Drive the Change philosophy is embodied in the building of fully branded and modern showrooms, a new range of cars built specifically for the Kingdom, and new after sales initiatives such as three years or 100,000 kilometres warranty; 95% spare parts available in stock; a loaner car given to customers if their car is in the repair garage for more than 72 hours; a buy back guarantee; 24 hours road-side assistance; and a 24 hour service helpline, among many other fantastic initiatives. Renault’s new ambition is paying off already, with the marque seeing +90% growth in sales across the GCC so far, compared to last year’s sales. Based on Year-to-date figures, Renault is the fastest growing brand in the GCC. In KSA, Renault’s ambition for 2011 is to at least quadruple sales from 2008, it’s last full year of operation in KSA.

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