Report: Iraq President Ordered Execution of 10 Army Officers who Attempted Coup

Published December 21st, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has ordered the execution of a group of senior Iraqi Army Officers from the city of Mosul (350 kilometers north of Baghdad), according to a human rights group, citing a report by the London-based Iraqi daily “Az-Zaman.” 

The translated text of the report was emailed to by Human Rights Alliance [email protected]

Informed Iraqi sources told the paper, which extensively covers Iraqi opposition activities, that after 10 officers were executed in Mosul, the Iraqi authorities leaked information about their involvement in an alleged coup attempt. 

The sources quoted high-ranking officers as saying that Saddam ordered his deputy Izzat al-Duri to travel to Mosul "to follow up on the situation and prepare a quick assessment."  

The sources added that the view is that a military organization is operating within the armed forces and specifically in Mosul, and that this organization is behind the alleged coup attempt, said the report. 

The sources added that the Iraqi president ordered his youngest son Qusay to move military units to the north, south, and west and to move them out of their barracks in Al-Rashid, Abu-Ghurayb, and Al-Taji, in an attempt to foil any further coup plans which may be under preparation. 

Meanwhile, arrivals from Amman have said that over the past weeks the trains have been booked by military units, and added that dozens of tanks, armored vehicles, troop carriers, and artillery pieces were seen on the move, while the roads leading north, and particularly to Mosul and Hadithah, were crammed with weapons and even ballistic missiles. 

In another context, the sources said that there are signs that preparations are underway for a military parade to be held on 6 January on the occasion of the foundation of the Iraqi Army. The sources said 

that officers in the training department, known as "al-Nakhwah"[gallantry] are supervising the new military parade, after the supervised the huge "volunteers" parade which was held in Baghdad recently. 

The sources quoted some of these officers as saying that the volunteers who took part in the parade which was attended by President Saddam in Baghdad's Great Celebration Square, were carrying weapons without ammunition and from which the ammunition magazine had been removed, to prevent any of the volunteers in the parade attempting to assassinate the Iraqi president. 


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