Report: Israel can Live with Conclusions of NPT Conference

Published May 22nd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Israel has expressed reserved satisfaction with the results of the United Nations conference on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which closed in New York on Saturday. Israel did not take part in the conference and did not send an observer, said Haaretz Monday. 

Sources in Jerusalem were quoted by the paper as saying the United States prevented the conference from taking any measures against Israel and fulfilled its commitment to the understandings reached between Washington and Israel on the subject. 

In the concluding remarks, said the Israeli daily, the Jewish state was mentioned for the first time as the only country in the Middle East which has not signed the NPT. Pakistan, India and Cuba were also mentioned as non-signatories of the treaty. Israel has refused to sign the treaty because it is concerned that this would destroy its nuclear capability. 

Egypt, which is leading efforts make Israel accept nuclear disarmament, tried to include a statement in the concluding remarks about appointing a special UN envoy to work toward getting Israel into the NPT. However, the United States made an "arrangement" with Egypt in which Israel would be mentioned in the concluding remarks, but no substantive measures would be taken against it.  

There was another dispute over US demands that Iraq be named as a state that violates its commitment as a signatory to the NPT. An accommodation was found in which the Americans took a softer line and mentioned uncertainty about Baghdad fulfilling its commitment – 

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