Report: Nasty Headaches are the Least of Hangover Problems

Published June 3rd, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

People suffering from a hangover cost the country money and put the safety of travelers at risk every day. There may be a way to halt hangover headaches, the external ones at least, said Saturday.  

It is estimated that in the United States, $148 billion is lost each year because of missed work time and decreased job performance as a result of hangovers, the report said, quoting Dr. Jeffrey Wiese of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.  

One study of hung over drivers on a obstacle course showed a 50 percent decrease in driving ability, and hung over pilots tested in an aircraft simulator had a 31 percent decrease in overall flight skill.  

As a result of these study findings, there are rumblings of hangover tests, much like drug and alcohol tests, for high-risk professionals, Fox News added.  

It said scientists at the Boston University School of Public Health have developed a device that will sense the hand and body tremors associated with a hangover. There is also a computer program that can test visual and spatial skills that are often impaired the morning after a night of drinking.  

The Employee Assistance Professional Association is concerned about how a screening test would be administered and whether it would threaten an employee's right to privacy, according to Ellyn Cravette of the association.  

The possibility for random hangover screenings in the work place adds to the abundance of established health reasons to avoid a hangover. The dehydration, hormonal changes, and metabolism fluctuations are severe, and hangovers are thought to double the risk of a heart attack, the report said – 


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