Report: Yemeni Murder may have ‘International Repercussions’

Published March 10th, 2001 - 02:00 GMT

The case of Iraqi Zainab Saud Aziz, murdered in Yemen over 15 months ago by serial killer Mohammed Adam, may have international repercussions, reported the Gulf News Saturday.  

Zainab's family claims to have evidence of a trade in human body parts between Yemen and a London hospital which conducts transplant surgery, said the paper.  

The family of Zainab, will receive the dead body of their daughter, a former Iraqi medical student, at the end of March.  

Sabeeh Motlak, Zainab's uncle, told Gulf News that the Yemeni authorities had recently decided to allow the family to transfer the body to Iraq to be buried there. This followed a deal between the Yemeni authorities and their counterparts in Iraq, said the paper.  

“But a main condition of the Yemeni authorities was that the Iraqi authorities should pressure the family of the victim not to ask for the girl's internal organs,” said the uncle.  

The Iraqi authorities have agreed to the burial of Zainab's body without its internal organs even though that is against Iraqi law. 

He added that Zainab's family did not like the deal but were obliged to accept it.  

They struggled for a year to obtain the body and bury it.  

It has been in the morgue of Sanaa University's medical college for 15 months where it was subjected to autopsies without the family's approval. In the course of one of these, the hands were lost, said the paper. 

The case took another dramatic turn when the family of the Yemeni victim, Hosn bin Atiah, told authorities two days ago that the body that was being kept at the morgue with that of Zainab’s body was not their deceased daughter –  


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