R&M Predicts FTTH is the Dawning of the Fiber Optic Age

Published July 22nd, 2009 - 02:57 GMT

R&M Predicts FTTH is the Dawning of the Fiber Optic Age

R&M predicts wave of investment of Fiber To The Home as the mass market of tomorrow.  The Swiss model has advantages.

Swiss cabling specialist Reichle & De-Massari (R&M, www.rdm.com) says 2009 marks the start of a new era. Numerous network operators, municipal utilities and local governments have set off a wave of investment in recent months. 

Growing Internet data network plus new online and multimedia services requires increasing amounts of bandwidth and better transmission technology. Many applications require a pure IP network and needs high bandwidth that cannot be achieved unless deploying a Fiber Optic (FO) network. The solution for which many locations are striving is called FTTH or Fiber To The Home (fiber from the cabinet to the home).

FTTH network replaces the telephone and CATV networks merging them into one network. This future network can integrate with mobile networks offering new applications such as FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence).  FTTH is increasingly being adopted in many parts of the world as experts everywhere are confirming that copper cabling will soon be outmoded. 

In the Middle East and North Africa, several countries have already begun to deploy large-scale FTTX networks nationwide. In Egypt, fiber networks in the last mile are still limited to new real estate projects. Project owners however, are willing to deploy a state of the art reliable network capable of delivering future applications for the next 25 years.

“R&M is already at the forefront, as one of the leading suppliers of FTTH networks in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman.  R&M’s known quality, complete powerful FTTx portfolio, and strong project references are key components of its market success,” said Mr. Ahmed Abou El-Naga, Key Account Manager, Public Networks, Africa, R&M.

Pluses: Quality of Life
R&M CEO Martin Reichle: “Fiber To The Home is no pipe dream. It is the logical consequence of the growth in Internet applications. FTTH means quality of life. For instance, it allows users to upload four gigabyte vacation movies onto the Internet just as fast as they can download full-length feature films - in less than 20 minutes.” Ultimately, only a high quality FO infrastructure can offer the bandwidth, security and transmission quality needed to use several multimedia computers, game consoles, HDTV sets with Internet access and further network systems within a single household.

Roland Kohler, Head of the R&M Business Unit Public Networks, sees his own views substantiated: “A powerful FO network will be the key infrastructure in the future for each business location. R&M is convinced that FO connections for residential and business buildings will be the next mass market after the DSL boom.”

Modularity: The Answer to the Diversity of Network Designs
The task calls for expertise, innovation and flexible cabling technology, just the strengths R&M offers.  The Swiss family company considers itself a leading supplier capable of supporting all current concepts and protocol systems for broadband and ultra broadband transmission. R&M has solutions for the complete installation of FO networks and hybrid networks and for successive migration from copper and coax to FO.

R&M is currently investing massive amounts in developing new products and in accelerating installation and servicing and making them safer and more reliable. R&M has increased its investment in the development of new FO product solutions by ten percent this year as compared with 2008.

Standards: Swiss Approach is Exemplary
The Swiss four-fiber model for FTTH connections at the end customer is considered an international model. It was created in collaboration with an FTTH working group initiated by the Swiss Federal Office of Communication (OFCOM).

R&M is familiar with FTTH strategies in the international arena and is one of the leading suppliers of FTTH networks in the Middle East.  In recent times, R&M has acted as a consultant and supplier of connection and distributor equipment in a number of major projects. Martin Reichle: “R&M understands how to push FO networks into the most varied locations efficiently and at a reasonable cost, be they industrial parks, accommodations or housing and business buildings.”

Last Hurdle: Home Wiring
R&M emphasizes an important point: “For all the euphoria about FTTH, it is important to remember that home wiring itself often falls short of broadband requirements." The broadband range has to be unrestrictedly available to consumers within their homes, like water, heat and electricity, in order to gain acceptance and be fully beneficial. R&M advises end-to-end solutions to prevent the section between distribution point and home applications from becoming a bottleneck.

Costs are manageable, says R&M. A multimedia home network can be installed with an investment as small as a few hundred US dollars yet enables high performance data transmission. Roland Kohler: “The better the quality of the infrastructure, the more extensive will be the use of entertainment, information and business services on the Internet. This trend can be observed worldwide and confirms that FTTH is the right path.”

Facts & Figures
Reichle & De-Massari AG (R&M) develops and produces cabling solutions for communication networks. R&M has earned a reputation as a quality leader with its excellent copper and fiber optical products. The company has its own marketing organizations in 30 countries. It generates 78 percent of its sales abroad. Sales in 2008 totaled USD 223 million; EBIT was 7 percent. The company invests more than USD 9 million in research and development every year. R&M is one of the 500 largest companies in Switzerland and currently has more than 670 employees. The company is wholly owned by the Swiss Reichle family and is now being run by the second generation as an independent family-owned company. For more information please visit: www.rdm.com

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