RT Photoshop Image of Afghani Family Irks Social Media Pundits

Published August 29th, 2021 - 08:11 GMT
RT slammad for Phototoshop image of Afghani family
RT slammad for Phototoshop image of Afghani family (twitter.com)

ALBAWABA – The Russian state broadcaster RT is under fire, for well trying something that seems a bit odd. It “photoshopped” an image of an Afghani family on the tarmac of the Hamid Karazi International Airport carrying a machine gun and missile in their backpacks with the children playfully.

They were in an exited mood to be leaving Kabul somewhere safer. Such photo cropping received mixed reactions on the social media with one calling the RT ‘design’ as “shameful tweet” as the refugee family is “depicted as terrorists” with the post pointing out such practices are “unethical” and “harmful”.

Another asks why do this. “What is the reason behind the photoshop? Why portray an innocent family like that."

Another was ambiguous, suggesting people defend such posting as satire with spending time on matching lighting and blending it with the photo, saying people should use this image as evidence of “refugees and weapons”. 

Another calls this picture "appalling"; yet another says "its a beautiful picture abused by Putin RT" while finally someone appeals for people to stop retweeting the image.

Finally RT apologizes, admitting while it was intended intended as “sarcasm, the result ended up both misleading and in bad taste.

And somebody already came to their rescue, pointing out:


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