Rudy Giuliani Says Trump Will Push to End Russian Probe

Published May 16th, 2018 - 10:04 GMT
U.S. President lawyer Rudy Giuliani (L) and President Donald Trump. (Don Emmert /AFP)
U.S. President lawyer Rudy Giuliani (L) and President Donald Trump. (Don Emmert /AFP)

Rudy Giuliani, the lawyer of US President Donald Trump, says the president will take the opportunity to push for an end to the so-called Russia probe at the one-year anniversary of the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

The Republican figure, who has recently adopted the role in the Trump administration, made the announcement in an interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday.

“We are going to try as best we can to put the message out there that it has been a year, there has been no evidence presented of collusion or obstruction, and it is about time for them to end the investigation,” said the former New York City mayor.

He further voiced hope that the push would convince authorities spearheading the investigation into alleged meddling by Russia in the 2016 presidential election, which yielded President Trump, as well as possible collusion between Trump associates and the Kremlin.

“We don’t want to signal our action if this doesn’t work — we are going to hope they listen to us — but obviously we have a Plan B and C,” he asserted.

Giuliani added that if Trump were to agree to interview with Mueller, he must be promised a quick.

“It is hard to recommend an interview when the questions presented indicate they have no evidence, and it is hard not to get at least the appearance they are attempting to trap him into perjury,” he said.

The investigation seeks to find out whether the Russian government coordinated with Trump’s aides after the intelligence community’s conclusion that Moscow helped with the New York billionaire’s campaign effort ahead of winning the White House, an allegation dismissed both by Moscow and the president.

‘Giuliani aggrandizing himself’

Giuliani made that comments as he was being tapped as an incapable lawyer over some of his previous remarks that has made the job even harder for the president’s legal team.

According to one of Trump's former lawyers, hiring Giuliani was a mistake.

He as actually trying to “aggrandize himself” rather than defending Trump to the best of his ability, Jay Goldberg, a longtime lawyer for Trump, told MSNBC on Tuesday.

In an interview with talk show host and conservative political commentator. Sean Hannity, Giuliani infamously revealed that Trump had repaid the $130,000 payment to adult film start Stormy Daniels.

"For him to go on Sean Hannity without debriefing the president seems to me to be the height of unpreparedness," Goldberg said. "That's one thing I mentioned [to Trump] … That I thought Rudy would come into the case with the intent to take the spotlight off Trump. And in some ways, seek to aggrandize himself, either at the expense of Trump or not."

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