Rules Tightened for Moroccan Women Coming to UAE

Published May 29th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Moroccan women coming to the UAE must now have the original visit visa in their possession before departure, reported the daily Gulf News Sunday.  

At the present time, visit visas are deposited at airports and collected by the arriving tourist from the counter.  

A source at the Dubai Immigration Department told Gulf News that the regulation was imposed by Moroccan authorities, not the UAE.  

The Moroccan Embassy in Abu Dhabi, however, denied this, the daily reported. Sources were quoted as saying that the step followed reports that many Moroccan women work as prostitutes in the UAE.  

Recently, 30 Moroccan women were rounded up for prostitution.  

A Moroccan working in the travel industry told the daily “a married Moroccan woman was not allowed to leave Casablanca last month, although she had the original visit visa, because she was very attractive. She was asked to obtain the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp to be allowed to leave."  

The daily added that after the woman got the ministry stamp, she was sent back from the airport to get an approval from the UAE embassy – 

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