Russia Plays Good Samaritan in South Syria's Warring Factions

Published July 2nd, 2018 - 12:39 GMT
Civilians from #Daraa  left their towns and fled out (Twitter)
Civilians from #Daraa left their towns and fled out (Twitter)

Russia is pushing towards expanding the scope of reconciliation, brokered in eight battered rebel-held towns in southern Syria last Saturday after nearly two weeks of bombardment.

Moscow is currently discussing a new proposal, stipulating that opposition forces hand over their heavy and medium weapons and join the fifth team established by Russia to fight terrorism.

However, the Syrian opposition considers the proposal a “sign of capitulation.”

Commander of the Southern Front factions Colonel Khaled Al-Nabulsi said that the morale of fighters is high.

“The campaigns launched by regime forces against Tafass have failed. People swore allegiance to the FSA and affirmed there would be no withdrawal towards the north,” Nabulsi said.

Since June 19, regime forces have been pressing a military campaign in southern Syria in a bid to retake the strategic area bordering Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Last week, several sources said that talks have kicked off between the Russian Army and an opposition delegation to restore a ceasefire in southern Syria and reach field agreements.



Several meetings were held in a number of towns in the governorate of Daraa on Friday between Russian officers and the Syrian opposition to discuss a possible ceasefire.

Meanwhile, residents were still trapped Sunday at the triangle border, escaping regime bombardment. Assad’s forces were preventing Daraa residents from escaping to Damascus, as Jordan closed its borders in their face.

Reports said some Syrian residents were heading to the border near Israel.


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