Saddam Calls for Arab Attacks on US, Israeli Targets

Published November 26th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has urged Arabs to attack US and Israeli interests around the world in retaliation for the Jewish state's killings of Palestinians, newspapers reported Sunday. 

He also called for Jewish immigrants to the former Palestine to return to their countries of origin, and for a portion of Iraq's oil revenues to be set aside for the Palestinians. 

"The Arab masses are called upon to attack all US and Zionist interests and to track down those defending such interests" in the Arab world itself, he said at a cabinet meeting late Saturday. 

Arab "regimes which do not believe in the national struggle must change (their stand) or vanish. Those who do not change must be overthrown," Saddam said. 

"The Arabs must convince the United States and Britain that all their interests are threatened so long as Zionism continues to exist," he said, calling for Arabs to resist US efforts to halt the Palestinian uprising against Israel. 

The Iraqi leader said only the expulsion of Jewish immigrants could restore calm to the region. 

"Every Jewish immigrant should leave Palestine for good and return to his country of origin," he said. "So long as Jewish immigrants remain on Palestinian soil, there will never be stability in the region." 

Saddam also proposed that a portion of sanctions-hit Iraq's oil income under a UN program be set aside for the Palestinians. 

"We want a memorandum to be sent to the United Nations and the Security Council asking that a quota of the revenue from the 'oil-for-food' program be set aside for the Palestinian people," he said. 

The program allows Iraq, which has been under sanctions since its 1990 invasion of Kuwait, to export crude under strict UN supervision in return for essential goods. 

Iraq on Friday accused Arab states which sent their finance ministers to an Arab League meeting in Cairo to help the Palestinians of having failed to live up to their responsibilities. 

Baghdad, which has called for a jihad (holy war) against Israel and boycotted the meeting, "will continue in its own way to help the Arab people of Palestine," the official news agency INA said. 

Arab states at the meeting pledged nearly 700 million dollars toward two solidarity funds worth a total of one billion dollars to support the Palestinians – BAGHDAD (AFP) 



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