Safari Motors announces new Riyadh car showroom

Published November 9th, 2006 - 07:26 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Safari Motors, the sole dealer for SEAT and SKODA cars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), announced the opening of a new showroom in Riyadh (Tuesday, November 7th 2006) at a press conference held at the showroom in Al Kharees Road, Riyadh. The move comes as Safari Motors seeks to address the increasing demand for SEAT and SKODA vehicles in the Kingdom. In addition this new showroom will also provide after sales service support and marketing.

Sheikh Ali Al Sagri, General Manager of Safari Motors, said, “We are looking to promote the quality and customer centric ethos of the SKODA and SEAT automobile brands. Safari Motors’ new showroom will allow us to strengthen our existing partnership with the two brands as well as our share in the Saudi market, will also help us leverage consumer demands for the cars to increase market share.”

Safari Motors offers over 20 different SKODA and SEAT models across a broad spectrum of options and engine capacities, and was the fist dealership in KSA to introduce diesel cars as part of its portfolio. Safari Motors’ diesel models were very well received in the Saudi market due to advanced technology that ensured a luxurious ride while combining power and economy.

The Safari Motors dealership is headquartered in Riyadh, and has six branches countrywide. Two branches are located in Jeddah, one in Bareidah in Al Quasaim while Al Khobar and Khamees Masheet also have one each.



SKODA and SEAT automobiles are enjoying increasing popularity in the Saudi market due to incorporated German technology and an emphasis on form as well as function. The cars are geared towards a wide spectrum of users from young drivers to full families.

“SEAT and SKODA had maintained the leading image of its trade market as well utilize technological advances from Volkswagen, a brand renowned for safety and durability. SEAT and SKODA are actually outperforming some better known brands in Saudi Arabia and entered the competition with other famous trade marks, yet proved its presence in the market” Al Sagri added.

SKODA manufactures three series of automobile models, all equipped with Volkswagen engines available in petrol and diesel. The cars are well appointed, and top of the line models include leather seats, xenon lights, navigation systems, parking sensors, ABS, and side panel airbags.

SEAT seeked to transform its most famous cars in the Spanish market to become under a high demand in the Arabian market due to the advance German Folks Vagen engine. SEAT now is entering the Saudi market with the pressure on demand to portray its brand within the most distributed cars in the kingdom. SEAT cars are distinguished due to their luxury and advanced technology operation systems.

European marketing specialists believe that the new SKODA and SEAT automobiles have managed to capture a fair share of the market and are considered class leaders by many consumers especially in the Saudi Arabian market.


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