Sage Software to leverage SAR 2.2 billion Saudi software market

Published June 13th, 2010 - 07:38 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Sage Software, the leading global supplier of ERP, CRM and HRM solutions to medium and large organizations, has announced its plans to penetrate and consolidate its presence in the Saudi software market. The move complements earlier forecasts made by top industry experts that the Kingdom's software market worth SAR 2.2 billion, will grow by 10 per cent towards the end of Q4 2010 as more businesses have increased IT spending on automation solutions to help increase company efficiency and productivity. The announcement was made during a Sage hosted seminar in Riyadh, showcasing its industry leading business-management software designed to enhance and manage core functions for companies recovering from the current economic downturn. The leading global software supplier's move aims to meet the growing consumer trend of local companies being more price conscious in purchasing software solutions that can provide a full suite of solutions and also guaranteeing a full return-of-investment (ROI).

According to recent market reports, Saudi Arabia dominates the Gulf region's IT market with a forecast value of USD 3.3 billion in 2010 and is expected to grow further by USD 4.8 billion in 2014. Despite the effects left behind the global financial crisis, some companies have managed to stay afloat and be less affected by implementing long term plans that include establishing internal systems to help achieve transparency; better customer services and relationships; manage costs effectively and streamlining operations. Both the private and public sectors strong show of support towards software development and its use have managed to push the Kingdom's e-government program to new heights - with almost 12 million barrels of oil products produced per day and through other cash flow initiatives, KSA is insulated to a certain extent.

"Saudi Arabia's continuing growth in the Gulf regions IT market signals the need for local businesses to seek software solutions that are not only cost effective but also effective in increasing the company's efficiency and output," said Rida Salem Ahmed, Country Manager - Saudi Arabia, Levant & Egypt, Sage Software Middle East. "Our plan to reinforce our presence in the Saudi market could not come at a better time. Through our diverse product line of ERP, CRM and HRM solutions like Accpac ERP, we are able to guarantee transparency and good cost management for companies that are trying to survive in the ongoing economic crisis."

During the seminar, Sage showcased the 'Sage Accpac - Extended Enterprise Suite', a completely integrated, multinational business management solution built on the most flexible and expandable architecture available in the market today. The solution can drive profitability by providing enterprise-wide visibility, which allows decision makers to gather valuable insight that is integral in making strategic business decisions. Sage Accpac ERP also offers great scalability to small start-up companies to upper medium enterprises and is now being used by over 40,000 companies throughout the globe and throughout many market segments and verticals.

Shabeer Ahmad, CEO, Centria Consulting and author of 'The Inspired Manager', said, "This year signals the start for companies to initiate efforts and moves that can drive them to recovering from the current financial downturn and they can only do this by looking towards developing their internal systems and other integral IT components of their businesses. Moreover, Sage Software has effectively shown us that they have the full suite of products and solutions needed by KSA companies to help manage and improve their core functions during their bid for recovery."

Another market solution featured during the seminar was the Sage CRM Suite, which can help KSA companies retain customers and increase opportunities for 'up-selling' and 'cross-selling'. The software solution allows companies to effectively profile their customer's information and utilize it during marketing campaigns; allowing for a more personalized approach in sending emails and correspondence. Sage CRM also offers a Customer Services Module that helps track all requests raised made by customers, allowing companies to guarantee a quick turnaround of issues and thus satisfying customer expectations. The key USP of Sage CRM is that it includes a wide range of functionality in a flexible development and customization kit. 

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