'Samsons' of the Arab world are welcomed on 'Nashwa' this week

Published October 19th, 2009 - 03:54 GMT

On ‘Nashwa’ this week we meet a range of people with special, extraordinary abilities who perform a number of feats on the show.


‘Nashwa’ is aired on Dubai TV every Monday at 22:30 and repeated every Saturday at 18:00.


Among the guests are the sons of the Emirati Arab Samson who was given the title by the late King Hussein of Jordan. Samson, a biblical figure, was granted tremendous strength by God to combat his enemies and perform heroic feats unachievable by ordinary humans. Hussein and Mahmoud Ali Hassan can sleep on broken glass, destroy large rocks on their chests and remain unharmed as pick-up trucks drive over them.


The Syrian Samson, Tareq Al Khateeb, also makes an appearance and turns metal bars around his neck and hammers nails into wooden boards using his forehead. Tareq can also place stones on his chest weighing more than 150kg and break them using hammers, can handle 30 cars driving over his body and can pull a car using his teeth and hair.


Alsayed Afifi from Egypt eats coal while it’s lit and neon lights that contain poisonous substances without being harmed while Saudi Majed Al Malki eats live poisonous scorpions as well as small snakes, lizards and birds without ever being poisoned. Egyptian Hasni Maawad shows how he can carry a man double his weight, sitting on a chair by using only his teeth and how he can make his stomach disappear and touch his spine.


The program also welcomes Dr. Adel Ashou, a professor who specializes in hereditary medicine, to analyze these ‘special’ abilities from a scientific point-of-view.

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