SANYO introduces cutting-edge massage lounger in Middle East

Published May 30th, 2010 - 06:28 GMT

SANYO, a leading company in providing eco-friendly energy, environment and lifestyle applications, has announced the Middle East launch of its latest massage lounger, the HEC-DR7700 - a cutting edge massage chair that offers users the perfect relaxation experience. The new unit features a zero-gravity positioning system aided by newly developed reclining mechanisms and the latest 'free-thumb' jointed massage head unit that is able to reproduce massage techniques previously possible only by human hands. The release of the HEC-DR7700 complements SANYO's expertise and long years of experience in seeking the ultimate in modern massage technology.

The new massage lounger offers users two zero-gravity positions; one that offers a stabilized back position and another position specially designed for leg massages and airbag massage stimulation. The newly developed 'free-thumb' jointed massage head acts like a human thumb gripping shoulder muscles and other body parts and kneading them firmly like actual human hands can do. The HEC-DR7700 gives users the advantage of choosing from six hand massage techniques, which include shoulder squeeze kneading, shiatsu, combo, stroking, regular massage and tapping. The unit also comes with a built-in air-massage system, which is powered by strategically placed airbags that expand and provide the body with a comfortable massage.

Takeshi Hirao, Vice President of SANYO Electric Co. Japan and Chairman, SANYO Gulf, said: "The HEC-DR7700 is the result of SANYO's long hours of research and development to create an ultimate massage chair that provides users with the perfect relaxation experience. This unit introduces new SANYO technologies such as the zero-gravity position, which is the best reclined body position for relaxation and a 'free-thumb' head unit that provides grips and kneads like only a human hand can."

Aside from its close attention to providing full body relief, the HEC-DR7700 also has an ankle grip massage system for the legs, foot sole heating and shiatsu massage designed for the feet. A calve massage is performed by airbags that expand and retract to promote blood circulation. An ergonomic stiffness sensor automatically adjusts massage intensity according to the user's body needs. The HEC-DR7700 is available in synthetic leather or real leather covering and comes with easy-roll casters that allow users to move it easily from one position to another. 

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