Saudi Arabia mourns death of Prince Nawaf

Published October 2nd, 2015 - 02:31 GMT
Saudi citizens sent their condolences over the death of Prince Nawaf to the government over social media. (Wikimedia)
Saudi citizens sent their condolences over the death of Prince Nawaf to the government over social media. (Wikimedia)

Saudi citizens are mourning the loss of Prince Nawaf bin Abdulaziz and have sent their condolences to the government on social networking sites, with prayers for Allah Almighty to bless his soul.

Prince Nawaf dedicated his life to Islam and the country and served in several top posts including head of intelligence at the rank of minister and adviser to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques at the royal court.

He received his primary education in the Kingdom, studied Islamic civilization at university, and went for further studies to the United States. He was an expert on the Kingdom’s administration and international politics.

He was chosen by the late King Abdulaziz as commander of the Royal Guard at an early age. He was the head of the Royal Court in the era of King Saud who later appointed him as minister of finance for several years.

Having experience in several areas, King Faisal included him in all official delegations such as Arab meetings, Islamic summits and Nonaligned conferences. Prince Nawaf also led Saudi delegations on behalf of the king or as his special envoy. He became an expert in Middle East affairs.

He traveled extensively to all parts of the world to settle problems and disputes. He also contributed to the establishment of some industries to serve domestic and Arab economies, which resulted in good relations with several nations.

Prince Nawaf was a founder of Saudi-New Zealand Bank and one of its biggest shareholders. He also had investments in real estate tourist projects. In addition, he was a pioneer in the solar energy industry, becoming the first Saudi businessman to highlight the importance of this vital area.

He provided financial and moral support to Sydney University in Australia to conduct studies on how to exploit solar energy in commercial and residential areas.

Prince Nawaf was also concerned with the media and praised the development of the Saudi press over the years. He sent a congratulatory message to Turki Al-Sudairi on his selection as the first board chairman of the Saudi Journalists Association.

In the message, he said Al-Sudairi would ensure the media flourishes in the country and journalists contribute to the nation’s ambitious growth plans.

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