Saudi Press Urges Washington to be Impartial on Middle East Violence

Published November 20th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

The United States should adopt an impartial position on the ongoing violence in the Palestinian territories, Saudi newspapers said Monday. 

"The US administration must approach the situation as neutrals and with honesty and not speak to the Arabs on behalf of (Israeli Prime Minister Ehud) Barak," Al-Nadwa said. 

The daily hit back at comments by US Defense Secretary William Cohen during a Gulf tour that the Middle East peace process must be resumed. 

Cohen should "denounce the Israeli aggression" against the Palestinians so that the "US administration safeguards its credibility and interests in the Middle East", it said. 

The secretary himself admitted that the violence in the Palestinian territories could spread beyond its borders, "which was shown by Sunday's attack on the Israeli vice-consul in Amman". 

However Al-Madina newspaper said "Cohen forgot to say that it is Israel which is behind this wave of violence". 

"Stopping it depends on the implementation by the Hebrew state of international resolutions and its withdrawal from occupied Arab territory." 

To restore peace in the Middle East, "you must abstain from encouraging occupation, finding excuses and blindly siding with the Israeli position," the paper said in a refence to the United States. 

"Israel's savage executions provoke, in return, violence which has shown it can extend beyond borders," Al-Watan said. 

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly stressed its support for the Palestinians since the outbreak of violent clashes between Palestinians and Israeli forces at the end of September -- RIYADH (AFP)  




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