SCCI holds dialogue with private sector members to unify visions for promoting Sharjah’s development

Published March 22nd, 2009 - 07:39 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) recently met its new members from the private sector to discuss how they could unify their efforts to more effectively promote Sharjah’s development.
Discussions were held during a business breakfast at the Chamber’s new building. The gathering was attended by Hussein Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, Director General of SCCI and Khalid Bin Buti Bin Obaid, Assistant Director General for Membership and Branch Affairs, as well as representatives of the Chamber’s executive and technical departments and a number of local private organisations.
This meeting is in line with the SCCI’s new agenda for 2009, which aims to improve communications with the Chamber’s new members from the various economic sectors and support their future vision and development projects in the long-term. SCCI also intends to review major challenges hindering the growth of the business sector, especially in light of the economic challenges posed by the current international financial crisis. The meeting explored new investment opportunities needed to enhance Sharjah’s business potential in accordance with the highest quality standards. At the end of the session, the two parties confirmed their commitment to provide all the necessary support and resources to develop their common visions and goals in the interest of the Chamber, its members, and the private and public sectors.
The meeting began with Al Mahmoudi expressing the Chamber’s appreciation of the private sector’s valuable contribution to the growth of the local economy. The Director General commended the success of investments in the domestic business sector and also emphasized the eagerness of the Chamber to organise similar meetings with its partners and to promote strategic relations with Sharjah’s various economic sectors. He added that he looked forward to the launching of new projects and initiatives that promote sustainable development and support productive economic principles.
 “This is the third in a series of meetings planned by the Chamber this year with the various economic sectors in Sharjah. These initiatives help create an excellent environment for economic activities and for attracting new investments by enhancing communication among all members of the private and public sectors. I am pleased to welcome our new members, whom we expect to participate actively in promoting the image of Sharjah and the UAE as a whole as an investment hub worthy of the confidence of investors across the world,” said Mahmoudi.
Bin Obaid said: “We would like to extend our warmest welcome to the Chamber’s latest members, and encourage them to actively participate in our various activities and events. Our effective support for our members is one of our top priorities, which is why we plan to organise periodical meetings with local, regional and international economic associations and bodies. We shall continue to pursue joint projects that mutually promote growth at the regional and international levels. Our expanding membership and the extension of our activities throughout Sharjah reflect our success in this area. It is worth noting that by the end of 2008, our membership rose to more than 47,000, representing various economic, commercial, industrial and professional sectors of the emirate.”
The SCCI operates four branches located in the cities of Khorfakan, Kalba, Dhaid and Dibba Al Hosn. These aim to provide core services for SCCI members in accordance with the highest standards, as deserving of our partners in the development process. The offices also accept comments and complaints from members and address them as swiftly and as properly as possible.
The UAE’s economic status amidst current conditions was also reviewed during the meeting, with the private sector highlighted as a vital component. Discussions arose on the long-term objectives and goals of this sector in promoting sustainable development based on support for infrastructure and human resources. In this context, the SCCI affirmed its intent to provide strong support all levels to boost the private sector, starting with the implementation of governance strategies and the adoption of principles of transparency and proper accountability, which reflect positively on productivity and public interest.
The attendees agreed that the current period provides an opportunity to assess and reconsider their plans and strategies to improve local business conditions. They recognized the need to identify methods that complement global changes and match business realities in Sharjah and the UAE in general. They also affirmed the important role played by SCCI in providing fresh perspectives in light of today’s challenging times and in encouraging cooperation among regional and international agencies and organizations. The group finally encouraged the Chamber to continue formulating strategies and expansion plans that enable it to further develop the services it provides to the emirate.

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