Security: Personal Matters are Probably Behind Mysterious Murder of Syrian Army Officer

Published June 9th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Nabil Al Mulhem -- Damascus  


Syrian security officials said Friday that investigations in the murder of a senior army officer Tuesday have not yet been able to reveal the perpetrator or the motive behind the crime. However, they said that it is more likely that it has to do with the victim’s “personal relations,” rather than his career. 

The sources, who asked for anonymity, said that Lt. General Kahleel Khader, 42, who was found dead in the bathroom of his residence with 16 knife stabs in his body, “was not likely killed for political reasons,” for the officer was head of University Military Training, “a minor army unit according to military standards in Syria,” they said.  

They added that there is still a lot of mystery surrounding the case the murder, but said it is very probable that the murder had to do with matters related to the personal life of Khader, who was a bachelor as well as two of his brothers. 

Meanwhile, the same sources told that the officer had ordered his driver and bodyguard to leave the apartment where he lived west of Damascus, only hours before the slaughter. Both told inspectors that they had no explanation for that. 

The sources ruled out also that theft was the motive behind the assassination, though his car and military suit were stolen. 

Khaleel belongs to a major bedouin tribe living in the Deir Zour desert province in north Syria -- 

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