Senior Official: New Government in Jordan will Represent Spectrum of Political Life

Published June 18th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

By Noura Wazani -- Amman 


Jordan’s newly appointed prime minister Ali Abu Ragheb will form a government that represents the spectrum of political life in Jordan, according to a senior official, who said the new premiere was meeting with candidates for his cabinet then headed for the Royal Court at the time the report was posted. 

“The new government will include liberals, Islamists and conservatives,” the source told late Saturday. 

Asked about the ministers of Palestinian origin, the source confirmed that “a good number of them will be on board the new cabinet.” 

Abu Ragheb, 53, former minister and current head of the economic and financial committee at the Lower House of parliament, will present his proposed government list to the king Monday. 

He replaced former premiere Abdul Rau’f Rawabdeh, who resigned Saturday. 

According to the source, the following is the unofficial composition of the new government, which will comprise 27-29 portfolios. He said the new government formation will “be finalized in hours.” 

- Saleh Rsheidat, Minister of Water and Deputy Prime Minister. 

- Faris Nabulsi, Minster of Justice and Deputy Prime Minister. 

- Awad Khleifat: Minster of Interior and Deputy Prime Minister. 

- Michel Marto: Minister of Finance. 

- Aqel Biltaji: Minister of Tourism. 

- Wael Sabri: Minister of Energy. 

- Husni Abu Gheida: Minister of Public Works. 

- Abdul-Ilah Khatib: Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

- Taleb Rifai’: Minsiter of Information. 

- Mahmoud Al Kayed: Minister of Culture. 

- Zuheir Zanouneh: Minister of Agriculture. 

- Adel Shreideh: Minister of Social Development 

- Abdul Rahim Okour: Minister of Awqaf. 

- Khaled Touqan: Minister of Post. 

- Wassef Azar: Minister of Trade and Industry. 

- Eid Fayez: Minister of Labor. 

- Tamam Ghoul: Minister of State 

The source added that Mohammad Halayqah, minister of trade and industry in the outgoing government has turned down his nomination for the same position. He added that Tamam Ghoul, the only female minister up to the time of this report, will be charged with negotiations with the World Trade Organization (WTO) — 




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