Seven Killed in Violence in Algeria

Published May 27th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

At least seven people including Islamic extremists were killed over the weekend in the continuing violence between Islamic rebels and government forces in different parts of Algeria, Kuwait News Agency said quoting local press preports.  

Two from the municipal guard were killed Thursday night by gunmen in Ghlaizan province, 250 west of the capital, added KUNA.  

According to the agency, the two guards were heading back from their duty at the village police station.  

On two separate incidents in Albowair and Almessial provinces, south and south east of Algiers, Islamic radicals reportedly killed two civilians, one of whom was beheaded, KUNA added, quoting Liberte and Alwatan newspapers.  

Two gunmen from the Islamic armed group were killed in a government forces' booby trap Wednesday night in Tibsa province on the Algerian Tunisian borders.  

Furthermore, Alwatan newspaper quoted government sources as saying that compensations estimated at about 208 million dollars were paid for 60,000 victims of terrorism since 1993, KUNA said – 



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