Seven Reportedly Injured in Hizbullah-Amal Clashes in South Lebanon

Published June 16th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

Seven members of the two rival Muslim groups, Hizbullah and Amal, have been injured in a series of clashes in different villages of southern Lebanon, the Lebanese daily An-Nahar reported Friday, quoting police reports. 

It did not say when the incidents happened. 

Five men were wounded in Bent Jbail, a few kilometers from the border with Israel when their car came under fire in the narrow village streets. 

In Jebbain two men were wounded by gunfire, while in Tura a brawl broke out inside the mosque, but no one was hurt. 

Supporters of the two groups clashed over the posting up of portraits of their respective leaders, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah, and Nabih Berri of Amal, and hanging up their movements' flags in Ras al-Ain, Kfar Fila and Bissariyeh. 

Both Hizbullah and Amal, the two most active anti-Israeli groups, have been deployed in force in the former Israeli-occupied zone in south Lebanon since Israel withdrew its forces on May 24th - BEIRUT (AFP) 




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