Shiite leader escapes assassination attempt in Baghdad

Published November 22nd, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

A mortar round landed Friday without exploding near a Baghdad mosque where Iraqi Shiite Muslim leader, Abdel Aziz Al-Hakim, was praying, his organization and residents said Saturday. 


An aide to Hakim, Haitham Husseini, could not confirm it was an assassination attempt against the Shiite leader. 


"We can not confirm that he was the target, God knows," he said. The bomb landed when Hakim, who heads the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), was praying at the Sayyid Idriss mosque, in the Karrada district of the capital, at around 5 pm (1400 GMT), he stated. 


The bomb hit a wall surrounding a house some 100 meters from the mosque. It broke only the windshield of a car.  


Abdel Aziz was named as SCIRI leader after his slain brother, Ayatollah Mohammad Baqer al-Hakim, who was assassinated in Najaf about three months ago. 

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