Six Americans killed in separate Iraq attacks

Published August 10th, 2005 - 08:53 GMT

Iraqi officials reported the death of four Iraqi civilians and two policemen following an attack in the Western district of Ghazalia on Wednesday. In addition to the six fatalities, 14 others were wounded in the attack, which occurred when a suicide bomber drove his car into a police patrol.


Earlier on Wednesday, American military sources reported that four US soldiers were killed late Tuesday night near the town of Baiji when the vehicle they were driving was attacked.

An additional six US soldiers were also wounded in the incident. At the time, the soldiers were patrolling the northern oil refining town. Eyewitnesses reported that three American vehicles appeared to have been destroyed, according to Reuters. Two other American troops died in Iraq, the US Army reported later on Wednesday.

The attack comes shortly after a wave of similar incidents on Tuesday in Baghdad, in which at least 20 Iraqi security forces were killed.


Meanwhile, Baghdadi mayor  Alaa Al Tamimi was ousted by Shiite forces on Monday, who installed in his place a member of the military wing of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq, Al Badr.

Elected city council chief Mazen Makkia and leader of the ouster insisted that the act was not a coup, adding "We really want to establish the state of law for every citizen", according to the New York Times. Makkia , a member of the Shiite political party which won a sweeping victory in Iraqi elections at the beginning of the year, was reportedly involved in an ongoing legal dispute with the prior mayor.

Hussein Al Tahaan will replace Al Tamimi as Baghdad's new mayor.

Those who installed Al Tahaan insist that they held the right to do so, and that they had no intention of harming anyone.  Though the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq has been accused of abuses in the past, it is also credited with maintaining calm in southern Iraq.

Baghdad's previous mayor Al Tamimi, a secular engineer who claims no affiliation with any particular political group, was granted his mayoral position by American administrator in Iraq Paul Bremer III.  Tamimi has since gone into hiding, expressing fear for his wellbeing. "They will use force to achieve their goal" he told reporters.

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