Six-year-old Syrian boy found frozen to death in Lebanon storm

Published January 8th, 2015 - 12:02 GMT

Three Syrians, including a six-year-old boy, died of the cold on the outskirts of Shebaa in Mount Hermon on the Syrian border.

The boy, identified as Majid Badawi, and an adult named Ammar Kamal were among a group of four people who had crossed from the village of Beit Jinn on the Syrian side of Mount Hermon and were on their way to Shebaa when they were caught in the storm.

The group apparently lost their way and ended up 100 meters away in a cave near a Lebanese Army checkpoint in the hills overlooking Shebaa.The boy’s father, Kheir Badawi, was among the two survivors. The National News Agency later reported that a third member of the group had also died.

The Lebanese Red Cross said it had carried out 231 transport and rescue operations related to the storm since 6 p.m. Tuesday, including car accidents, evacuation of snowed-in motorists and hospital transportation of dialysis patients and pregnant women who were cut off by snow in the Bekaa Valley and north Lebanon.

“We have placed 600 volunteers, more than 100 ambulances and 15 special rescue teams on standby in the various red cross centers across the country,” Red Cross Secretary-General Georges Kettaneh told The Daily Star.

Volunteers evacuated people stuck inside their cars in Kfardebian, Mount Lebanon, including one person who suffered a fatal heart attack behind the wheel, he said.“We are using four-wheel drive ambulances to access people, but our cars are not able to reach certain areas that are heavily snowed in.”

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