Smartlink Communications, a Jordan-based regional leader in internet, data transfer and communication via satellites (VSAT) services, announced that

Published October 22nd, 2008 - 08:47 GMT

Smartlink Communications, a Jordan-based regional leader in internet, data transfer and communication via satellites (VSAT) services, announced that it has signed distributorship agreements with several respected regional companies during its participation in GITEX 2008.

The agreements with Al Baghdadia Communications from Iraq, Al-Andalus Information Technology from Libya, and InTouch Communications from Sudan are for the distribution of Smartlink’s services in the companies’ respective countries. Smartlink will continue to manage distribution of its own services in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates through a network of branch offices, until distributorship agreements are signed with capable agents and distributors in each of these countries.

Smartlink’s strategic partnership approach to marketing its services is based on trust and cooperation for mutual benefit. As such, it grants its distribution partners the legal rights to sell, assemble and operate the services in their countries.

“Stemming from our experience in this field, we have determined that the distributor arrangement is more effective than directly marketing our products to clients,” said Mr. Khaled Derbas, Chairman and CEO of Smartlink. “This arrangement has the added benefit of providing clients with timely technical support through our official local agents”, he added.

“Smartlink selects its distribution partners in each country with extreme care. Each of our distributors must have a highly-trained team of technicians who are able to offer first-class technical support and customer service to clients,” continued Mr. Derbas. “Smartlink distributors are central to our company’s success. In order to support their development, we work closely with each of them, offering them the necessary training, technical and manpower support to effectively represent Smartlink in their respective geographies.”

Smartlink is set to offer its internet and communication services across 36 Middle Eastern and North African markets, including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, and Yemen. The focus will be on rural areas that lack extensive telecommunication infrastructure and established telephone networks. Through the company’s cutting-edge technology, individuals, governments and businesses throughout these countries will have access to high-speed internet connectivity via small satellite dishes not exceeding 96 cm in diameter and a small receiver, similar to those used in homes.

Smartlink offers its services through its two dedicated gateways, wholly owned by the company. The first gateway, established in collaboration with Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco), is located in Bahrain, and the second one is in Jordan, established in collaboration with Jordan Telecom Group (Orange). Both gateways utilize DVB-S2/RCS technology, a first for the region and only the third implementation of this state-of-the-art technology anywhere in the world. This technology enables the fastest and most efficient two-way internet services ever offered by the VSAT industry, independently of any communication infrastructure and telephone lines.

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