Some 100 dead in Iraq attacks

Published April 28th, 2007 - 05:27 GMT

At least 55 people were killed and 158 others were hurt in a suicide car bombing in the holy Iraqi Shi'ite city of Kerbala on Saturday, a hospital source told Reuters. The source at Hussein General Hospital said the hospital had received 55 bodies.


A total of 27 bodies were found in different parts of the religiously mixed Iraqi city of Baquba on Saturday, police said. They said 15 bodies, handcuffed and with gunshot wounds to the head, were discovered in a field. Another 12 were found in other parts of the city.


At least 14 people died in Baghdad on Saturday while further north a low turnout marked a ceremony on the first birthday of Saddam Hussein since his execution.


Four humanitarian workers from the Iraqi Red Crescent were killed and three others injured when gunmen ambushed their minibus in Baghdad's mixed Sunni and Shiite district of Zafaraniyah, a security official said.


In a separate attack in the same neighbourhood on Saturday a group of garbage collectors stumbled upon a roadside bomb, which killed one and injured eight others, the security official said, according to AFP.


In nearby Saydiyah, another mixed district, unidentified gunmen shot dead five civilians and wounded one, he added.


In Al-Risala, a Shiite district of southern Baghdad, a series of mortar rounds slammed into a residential area killing three people and injuring 10 others, including women and children, the official said.


In the northern Shiite neighborhood of Khadimiyah a civilian was killed and three others injured when a homemade bomb blew up in a public market, a police source said.


Small crowds of Iraqi Sunnis, meanwhile, gathered in parts of northern Iraq on Saturday to observe Saddam's first birthday since his execution, amid calls to keep the ceremonies low-key. Some 200 local residents, mostly children between the ages of seven and 12, gathered at the former leader's tomb in Awja, his home village.

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