Speaker of the Federal National Council Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair inaugurates the first Seminar under du’s Emiratisation programme ‘Masar’

Published March 8th, 2010 - 10:42 GMT

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, Speaker of the Federal National Council, presided as the Guest of Honour and inaugurated the first of a series of Seminars launched by du to commemorate the fourth year of its Masar programme. Among the other guests present at the event, was the Chairman of du, Ahmad Bin Bayat, Chief Executive Officer Osman Sultan, and other members of du’s senior management. 
These Seminars aim to give Emirati fresh graduates who are enrolled in the course, and those who have already graduated from Masar programme and currently working in du, the opportunity to meet pioneering Emiratis across various sectors in the UAE, to have an open discourse and benefit from their experience.

Addressing the recent graduates of the programme, Mr. Al Ghurair reiterated the importance of individual hard work and perseverance: “Students usually think that all the fatigue, stress and sleepless nights end with graduation, but this is not true, in order to achieve success in our professional lives we need to persevere and put in exceptional effort, especially during the first 5 to 10 years which are critical, to achieve their true potential and career goals".

Expressing delight about how much du had achieved in its Emiratisation efforts and Masar programme in such a short time, His Excellency Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al Ghurair said: “I personally admire du and its leadership and it has never failed to surprise me how much they have done in this regard; it all goes to show to their true commitment to the cause of Emiratisation”.

‘Masar’ is a graduate training programme, which has been set up to equip young nationals with the required skill-sets for a career with du. The programme is also a part of the company’s ongoing Emiratisation drive in providing young Emiratis with opportunities in the private sector.

Commenting on the occasion, Ahmad Bin Bayat, Chairman, du, said: “Even before we formally launched our services, we made sure that we have an Emiratisation strategy in order to support the efforts of the State in this direction, so we launched our Masar programme and established an Emiratisation department, and we have succeeded in just three years to achieve an overall Emiratisation rate of 20 per cent, including 35 per cent at senior management level”.
“This achievement is just the beginning of what we hope to achieve in the area of Emiratisation, and we are confident that our HR department will be able to achieve greater success. Earlier this year we elevated senior members of our management team who have demonstrated their capabilities are well-equipped to steer the company to greater heights.” added Mr. Bayat.
Ahmed Bin Bayat, Chairman of du, together with Osman Sultan, CEO of du, and Fahad Al Hassawi, chief human resources and corporate services officer, du, presented a souvenir from du’s Emiratisation programme, Masar, to His Excellency Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair, Speaker of the Federal National Council, in recognition of his efforts in supporting the programme and his Emiratisation efforts in general throughout the year.

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