A Statement on Iranian Ambassador to Iraq

A Statement on Iranian Ambassador to Iraq
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Published August 18th, 2010 - 07:17 GMT

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The Official Spokesperson to Al Iraqiah, Ms. Maysoun Al-Damaluji, responded to the statements
made by the Iranian Ambassador to Iraq, that he will take legal action against all those who accuse Iran
of meddling in Iraq's affairs. She stated that the Iranian Ambassador, or any other country on this
matter, have no right to issue threats that attempt to silence the Iraqi security and intelligence forces or
the Interior Ministry, which have continually confirmed that the origin of the explosive devices and
weapons used to kill Iraqis is from Iran.
With regards to reparations for the Iran-Iraq war under the previous regime, Al-Damaluji also
expressed that Iraq has its own rights that it will not relinquish, and that the new Iranian Ambassador
has a diplomatic protocol to adhere to in addressing these issues with the concerned parties in a
professional manner, rather than through the media unnecessarily creating tensions and
negative reactions especially during a critical period in which Iraq needs to establish friendly relations
with all its neighbours including Iran.
In reference to the Mujahidee Khalq, Al-Damaluji reassured that Camp Ashraf was completely
purged of military weapons during Dr. Ayad Allawi's tenure, and that they do not represent any threat
whatsoever to Iran or any other country. Al-Damaluji added that this issue should be addressed through
the prism of the interests of Iraq, as well as Islamic and Arab morals and pricinples.
Al-Damaluji regarded the Iranian Ambassador's statement as an encroachment on Iraq's
sovereignty, and fails to act as a base for healthy and balanced relations between the two neighbouring
countries which previously enjoyed strong, historical and cultural relations. 

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