STC & Mobily Announce Completion of Technical Interconnect Link of Advanced 3G Network

Published July 17th, 2010 - 05:28 GMT

STC and Mobily announced the completion of the technical Interconnect Link of their two networks, a step to activate the advanced 3G services to exchange video calling services and MMS between customers from both providers by next week.

In a joint statement by sent by both providers, the Interconnect Link came as a step to reinforce cooperation between the two telecommunications companies in the Kingdom to provide 3G services to subscribers. This step will increase communications and activate video calls and MMS services by accessing very advanced telecommunications networks that will increase the effectiveness of these services reflecting on usage by STC and Mobily subscribers.

Eng. Saud Al Daweesh, CEO of STC Group said that the recent Interconnect Link operation came as part of STC's strategic plans to identify various connectivity options for STC customers for local telecommunications services, reinforcing the 3G network and beyond with advanced technologies that make use of the 3G services with other telecommunications operators.

He added, "STC covered all parts of the Kingdom with its advanced network via an infrastructure that includes the latest and state-of-the art global standards enabling STC customers to enjoy all 3G services." Al Daweesh confirmed that AlJawal subscribers in the Kingdom are considered the biggest users of new technology in the region expecting that these services will continue growing to match the increasing demand of advanced technologies in the Kingdom.

Al Daweesh also confirmed that STC is keen to enable its customers to benefit from video calling services by making and receiving video calls using their mobile phones in addition to making use of MMS by sending audio and video messages and video files with a capacity of 400 kb in each message using various networks in the kingdom.

Eng. Saud Al Daweesh expressed his appreciation to Etihad Etisalat "Mobily" for their cooperation in making the Interconnect Link between both networks a complete success. This is a step that will enable customers of both companies to make use of advanced technologies in video calling and MMS using an infrastructure that is equipped with state-of-art communications technology. All of this will reinforce the concept of competition which CITC is striving for to serve citizens and residents alike.

More than 40 million customers will benefit from the Interconnect Link for 3G services in STC and Mobily's telecommunications network which will in turn contribute to activating video calls and sending MMS between both companies, and a direct customer benefit from the latest and most advanced 3G telecommunications network.

Eng Khaled Al-Kaf, CEO of Etihad Etisalat "Mobily" said that the Company strived to deliver advanced 3G services, a step that will avail the latest in telecommunications services. He indicated that the Interconnect Link with STC came about to provide services using other networks of telecommunications companies and serving the interests of the private sector. This agreement is considered an extension of the directives of CITC.

Al-Kaf added, "There is increasing demand for advanced 3G services in the Kingdom, based on the growing trends of mobile subscribers, to avail the latest technology to meet customers' needs for video calling and MMS which are rapidly sent with the advanced telecommunications networks."

Al-Kaf explained that residents in more than 414 cities and villages across the Kingdom can benefit from services provided by Mobily's advanced 3G networks where Mobily's advanced 3G network is present in more than 90% of inhabitant areas in the Kingdom.

Al-Kaf also confirmed that Mobily is working to reinforce its presence in the advanced 3G network to serve its customers in all telecommunications networks using most of its modern technologies, while at the same time reiterating that the Company is keen to provide various options for its customers.

Etihad Etisalat CEO expressed his deepest appreciation to STC for its cooperation in making the Interconnect Link of 3G services a success which will undoubtedly serve the general interest and reinforce the telecommunications market in the Kingdom. 

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