The Struggle to Survive in Gaza, with Dr. Khamis Elessi

Published May 18th, 2021 - 08:21 GMT
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The Israeli military strikes a target inside Gaza (Mahmud Hams/AFP)
Dr. El-Essi is one of Gaza’s top doctors at Al-Shifa Hospital, who lives with his family under the constant threat of bombardment by Israeli drones, jets, and artillery.

At the time of recording, Israeli strikes have killed over 200 Gazans in the past week, many of them women and children. In our talk, Dr. El-Essi is surrounded by his family, who he says haven’t slept in over a week due to the constant shelling. We reached out to him to give us a glimpse into life and death in Gaza right now, and hope you find this interview helpful.

Dr Khamis Elessi - Associate Professor - Faculty of Medicine - Islamic  University - Gaza | LinkedIn

Dr. Khamis Elessi (LinkedIn)

We conducted this interview quickly, and without much professional equipment, because at any moment, power may be cut entirely off entirely on the Doctor’s end. So please forgive the quality of the recording as it’s the best we can do during this time.

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